Hi, I’m Maxwell!

If you are a Utah business looking to develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy, let’s talk:

My Story.

The Problem.

My career in marketing/sales started in 2017 when I was hired at Blip (a Utah startup that is democratizing digital billboards).

At the time, Blip spent most of their marketing budget running ads on Facebook because they could drive a lot of leads with marketing messages like, “Be on a billboard for as little as a $0.01 per display.”

While this marketing message did drive a lot of leads, less than 15% of leads that converted to customers would continue spending on Blip after their first month of advertising.

In other words, we had more than an 85% churn rate.

I ruminated for months on what we could do differently as a company to increase our retention.

The Solution.

We used HubSpot as our CRM so I began to be indoctrinated in the philosophy of “inbound marketing” from watching their free courses at HubSpot Academy.

I realized that our Facebook Ads were attracting buyers because of the price of our product, not because of the problem that our product solved.

In August 2019, Blip sponsored Utah DMC where I got to hear Marcus Sheridan and Neil Patel share their insights about inbound sales and content marketing.

I was so blown away by Marcus’ presentation that I bought his book They Ask You Answer that weekend on Amazon.

I began sharing what I was learning with my coworkers and the ideas began to gain traction, but the problem was none of us really knew how to develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy.

The Provider.

I decided that rather than teach myself, I wanted to learn from the best.

I reached out to Kyle Jepson at HubSpot to see if there would be any opportunities for me to join their team.

He recommended that I consider working for one of their partner agencies (ex. IMPACT, which is owned by Marcus Sheridan), but it wasn’t long after that I discovered Neil Patel’s marketing agency, NPAccel, in Lehi, Utah.

I am now an Account Executive at Neil’s agency and work as a part-time content marketing consultant for Utah businesses who are looking to develop and implement effective content marketing strategies.

If that’s you, let’s talk.

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