Hi, I’m Maxwell!

I’m a salesman by trade, and have a passion for driving Sales Qualified Leads (SQL’s) through blogging.

My Story.

My career in marketing/sales started in 2017 when I was hired at Blip (a Utah startup that is democratizing digital billboards).

We used HubSpot as our CRM so I began to be indoctrinated in the philosophy of “inbound marketing” from watching their free courses at HubSpot Academy.

In August 2019, Blip sponsored Utah DMC where I got to hear Marcus Sheridan and Neil Patel share their insights about inbound sales and content marketing.

Soon afterwards, I bought Marcus’ book They Ask You Answer and now work for Neil’s agency, NPAccel, in Utah.

I’ve created this website as a way for me to sharpen my own inbound marketing skills and connect with others who are looking to do the same.